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Soon on iOS devices!

Our games will be available again on app store since October 2020.
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project 1
project 1
project 1


Platform:Google Play
Date:December 2019

Try to find the lost planet!
You must reach a high level to find it!

This game is insanely addictive and deliciously replayable!
Journey up from one platform to the next, picking up coins to upgrade your character, and avoiding blades.
You have a lot of items that helps you to get so far!
Collect 3 gifts to open the gift box ( win boost, kangaroo shoes, coins...)
Collect 3 flashes to start a flash boost.

How to play?
Tilt your device left/right to move your character and try to land on each platform.
Try to collect every coin to upgrade your character by using SHOP MENU.

project 2
project 2
project 2

Lost Objects : The Big Search

Platform:Google Play
Date:31 March 2020

Can you find all hidden objects?

You have to complete INTERIOR & EXTERIOR mode. Every mode contains 50 levels with 3 hidden objects in each other.

It is a big search because you need to find all lost objects in a single session! To reach 50/50 levels, you must find all objects in a single session. If you touch wrong for three times or 30 seconds will pass and hidden objects will not be found, the game will be lost. Then, you must begin from the first level.
Annoying? In this way, you memory will be tested! You must remind objects positions from each room or landscape to complete each level so quickly.

How to play?
You can preview the shape of every objects from the bottom menu. You can use HINTS to show the position of a lost object.

  • project 1

    Space Jump - Endless Trip

    The best endless runner!

  • project 2

    Lost Objects : Big Search

    Can you find all hidden objects?
    There are 100 available levels!
    300 lost objects in different environments!


Here at MAG SOFTWARE, we are focused on developing mobile, desktop, web & console games.
We also have extensive experience with web development including flash and HTML-5 games.
We strive to push technology boundaries with Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality and explore experimental installation games utilizing the latest technology.

All our games are put through rigorous QA and testing to ensure they are of the highest possible quality.
Our commitment to making polished games runs throughout the whole development process and we will never release anything we don't believe to be excellent.

Choose us and play the best mobile games on the market!

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